History of the hugh O' conor memorial Pipe Band

The Hugh O'Conor Memorial Pipe Band was formed by Neil Flint in 2006. Neil brought together a talented group of pipers and drummers to honor Hugh O'Conor, an exiled Irishman who founded the Spanish presidio from which Tucson, Arizona would eventually grow. The Hugh O'Conor Pipe Band played in several competitions from 2010 to 2012. The band even recorded a CD, "Going Green", which can be purchased through Amazon or Apple Music, and listened to on Spotify.

The Hugh O'Conor Pipe Band was dormant from 2012 to 2021. But like the resiliency of its namesake, the band has awakened to once again to bring back "The Green". Pipe Major Leonard Wood of Phoenix, Arizona, has taken the reins and has reached out to pipers and drummers from all across Arizona and the United States to reform the band. Consisting of musicians who consist of firefighters to small business owners, the Hugh O'Conor Pipe Band aims to proudly pipe Hugh O'Conor back to his home island of Ireland in 2023 and play in the All Ireland's.